Business Inspiration from Standing in Line

You may think that your best business ideas will come only when you sit down with your notepad or computer, put your brain in serious thinking mode, and do very serious work on a very serious business plan document.

Well, yes, that can work, but it’s not the only way.

Sometimes your best business ideas will come when you’re in the most unlikely places.

For example, at the 2015 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Oregon, the woman standing in line behind me just happened to be Alex Anderson. She is friendly and down-to-earth and we chatted a bit about her current projects. She mentioned a new product she was developing and I realized it would be a good one to carry in the online store I am planning.

It was a new business idea that came just from saying hello and being willing to talk with whoever was around me.

You don’t need to be with a celebrity like Alex. An informal chat with any fellow quilter can uncover new resources to explore, a new product concept, or a new way to promote your business.

It is easy as asking an icebreaker question such as “Have you seen something you really like in the show?” Or, “What kind of quilting you do?” Then, just take a friendly interest in that person’s answers and see where the conversation goes.

Sometimes another quilter will strike up a conversation with you … that is, if you don’t have your nose stuck in your phone so that others see you as approachable.

The big lightbulb insights won’t come from every meeting, but a friendly talk will make the waiting in line experience a lot more fun!

Think about how you can be more open to finding inspiration in unexpected places…and go find another quilter to talk with -- in person -- today!

Do you have a story about discovering a business idea in a surprising way? Share it in the comments area below!