How to Overcome Your Fear of Selling

“I’d like to start a business, but I don’t like having to be a salesperson.”

That’s a common excuse for not taking action on your quilt business ideas. But it’s a very poor excuse, and one to put behind you right now.

How? By realizing that becoming comfortable with sales and marketing activities isn’t as hard or unpleasant as it seems.

Consider this: How many times have you said to one of your quilting friends, “I just saw this new fabric or new tool and you’ll love it!” Guess what? You’ve just done what every effective salesperson does: Shared information that will be helpful to a customer, with a spirit of friendly enthusiasm and confidence.

Of course, if you sell a complex, expensive product or service, you’ll need more sophisticated selling skills to guide customers to the point where they say, “Yes, I will buy it.”

But if you keep a positive, helpful spirit throughout all of your customer interactions, you’ll find that sales may come more easily than you think.

Sometimes just saying “hello” makes all the difference.

Have you ever walked out of a quilt shop or away from a booth simply because the staff never greeted you?

Or have you walked into a store in “just looking” mode, but ended up buying something because the staff took time to talk about your interests, then showed something you might enjoy?

Wouldn’t that be easy enough for you to do?

Think about the greetings, icebreaker questions, and actions you could use to make selling a friendly, low-pressure experience for you and your customers. Put them into practice and you’ll likely see positive results!

What ideas or actions help you overcome sales anxiety? Share them in the comments area below.