Who Not to Ask for Quilt Business Advice

Yes, Facebook groups or other online forums can be helpful sources of information and advice … But be aware that sometimes the advice may be irrelevant, misguided, or simply wrong.

For example, one member of an online group I follow asked about the registrations required to start a quilt business. This simple question generated all types of random advice about differences in specific states, incorrect information about what registrations would be required, even nostalgic ramblings about how things used to be done.

I imagine the person who asked the question was even more confused than before!

Especially when it comes to legal or financial topics, asking a question online may not lead to the answers you need. Instead, you’ll want to find trusted local sources such as:

·        Accountants, attorneys, and other professionals

·        A government-run small business center

·        Chamber of Commerce or other organization for local small business

What sources have you found be valuable for business advice? Share them in the comments area below.