Book Review: How to Start a Quilt Shop

A comprehensive, terrific set of ebooks with advice on starting a quilting store is How to Start your Own Quilt Shop, sold directly by the author (not available on Amazon). Here's why I like it:

  • It's geared to beginners, taking you step-by-step through the planning and activities you'll need to do before opening your shop.
  • The writing is clear and easy to follow; no fancy business jargon
  • It is focused on the unique aspects running and promoting a quilting store
  • The business plan templates do a lot of the hard number-crunching for you

What's Included

The basic set of books is full of detailed tips and resources, but what you really want to order is the version with the business plan templates. Why? Because these Excel spreadsheets will save you a tremendous amount of time and math for calculating all the financial numbers you will need to know...And you can use that time to plan all of the fun products, classes, events etc. that will bring customers into your quilt and fabric store.


  1. This infokit doesn't cover online or pop-up shops and the marketing information is a bit dated.
  2. Don't let the hype-y website turn you off. The books in this set are filled with clear, solid, no-hype information about starting a physical quilt shop business that I haven't found anywhere else. After you click on the link below, scroll directly to the Order Now button at the bottom of the webpage. The option to order the version with the business plan templates will appear after you click the first ordering button.

Even with these limitations, this e-book set is my top choice for starting a quilt shop.

Order Now: How to Start your Own Quilt Shop