Walk. Write. Sew. 3 Techniques for Making a Good Quilt Business Decision

Is this you? When I’m having trouble making a business decision or solving a problem, my brain seems to get stuck like a washing machine on the spin cycle. Round and round it goes, with the same questions and same unsatisfactory answers swirling nonstop in my head.

Soon, I don’t even care what the answer to the problem is, I just want the spinning to stop.

That’s when I know it’s time for one of my always reliable brain-clearing, answer-delivering practices: Walk, write, sew.

Walking creates a physical release for the thoughts that have me stuck.

Writing makes my left brain happy because I can work through a problem logically, using either journaling or mind mapping.

And aah, sewing is a great stress release … if it’s the right project. This isn’t the time when I work on one of my art quilts or a complex pattern.

Instead, I take out a charity quilt in progress, one that requires only simple cutting and sewing. The meditative quality of this work, along with the spirit boost of working with fabric and color, always calms my mind and renews my outlook.

You may find that different activities work for you. The idea is to reset your thinking by engaging your brain with something else and creating an opening for a new idea or answer to emerge.

What activities or techniques do you find helpful for clearing your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments area below.