Why Passion Can Hurt Your Quilt Business

A common belief is that you should start a business only if you have a deep passion for it. The thought is that without passion, you won’t have the drive to continue, especially when the business launch takes more time and effort than you expect.

Well, maybe some people need this deep passion, but I don’t think it is essential.

Indeed, passion can get in the way of starting and running a quilt business for several reasons.

Needing to feel “passion” brings too much emotion into how you perceive your plans, decisions, and experiences. It may create an unnecessary burden of expectation for unsustainable levels of energy and effort.

You may fall too much in love with ideas that aren’t a success while at the same time closing your mind to new possibilities that might be a better fit.

Burnout, frustration, and disappointment are stronger if your business idea doesn’t work out. And when the passion starts to sag, it becomes all too easy to blame yourself, doubt your commitment, and second-guess your decision to even start a business.

All of this unhelpful drama can be avoided if you simply change your perspective from “I want a quilt business I can feel passionate about” to “I want a business I can enjoy.”

Remember, a business doesn’t need to be a grand passion. Enjoyable can be quite enough.

What do you think? Is passion essential to starting and running a business? Share your thoughts in the comments area below.