How Is Your Labor Building a Quilt Business?


Here in the US, Labor Day might be more accurately named “Get Serious About Work Again Day.” With the weather starting to shift and the kids back in school, it’s easy to return your attention to quilt business plans that may have lagged in the heat of summer.

It’s also a good time to look at how, when, where, and why you are laboring in your business.

Are you giving your precious time and effort to the right ideas, the right activities?

Is your labor helping your business get to where you want it to go?

Or, are you giving too much of your labor to non-focused ideas or distractions, “work” that is actually a sign of avoidance, denial, or indecision about something you need to address?

Do yourself and your business a favor in this new season of energy. Take some quiet time before you launch back into the flurry of work tasks that await you. Get away from your computer, phone, office, and sewing space. Take a notepad and pen, perhaps collage or drawing supplies, and go quiet for a while.

Then ask these two essential questions:

“What REALLY is the right work for me to do now?”

“What work can I let go?”

Wait for answers to emerge from your intuition or by brainstorming possibilities. Choose the answers that have a cough, clear energy around them and you will have the right direction for resuming the work that is truly yours to do.

What actions or practices do you use to get answers to important questions?