What is the "Big Why" Behind Your Quilt Business Dream?

  Photo source: Unsplash.com

Why do you want to start a quilt business, really?

Some answers to this question come easily ...

... to spend my days doing work I love

... to express my creativity

... to introduce the joys of quilting to others

And often ...

... to make enough money to support my own quilting purchases!

But these reasons alone may not be enough to sustain your motivation for starting and running a quilt business.

You'll want to identify what's called your "Big Why" ... the stronger, deeper reasons that will drive you to put in the necessary time and work. For example,

... this is what I was put on earth to do

... I want to be an artist/entrepreneur role model for my children

... I want work that is flexible to accommodate my family needs

... I want to contribute to my family's income

... I know I'll regret it if I don't try to make this business idea a success

For me, the big why behind Quilt Business Explorer is that I have a helpful perspective and lots of information to share with other quilters. I am also driven by my strong belief in the life/learning value of becoming an entrepreneur.

What is your Big Why? Deep down, what are the reasons that will keep you going as you work to bring a quilt business idea to reality? Share your thoughts as a comment below.