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If you want to design quilt fabric, then you will want the technical and business advice in all of these terrific books:

For designing and printing fabric using the Spoonflower service, you’ll find detailed instructions and examples in The Spoonflower Handbook. Read this helpful tutorial about selling fabric in the Spoonflower marketplace. For additional printing companies to create fabric that you will sell on your website or physical shop, do an online search with the phrase “on-demand fabric printing.”

Learn about using digital tools in these books about textile design with Adobe Photoshop.

See the color chips used in the fabric industry in the Pantone cotton sets.

Get inspiration and see current design trends for fabric and gift items in the Print & Pattern series of books.

See the latest ideas and techniques in these books about hand-printing fabrics. Listen to this podcast about designer Malka Dubrawsky, who has made a business from selling her own hand-dyed fabrics and how that led to opportunities to design for a commercial fabric manufacturer.

For additional resources run an online search with the phrase “surface pattern design.”

Good background information on designing for established fabric companies is presented in these resources:

To learn about the art licensing world, you’ll want these resources:

Software and Design Tools

A subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Service gives you access to the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software, which you’ll need for creating the digital art files required by fabric manufacturers and online fabric printing services.

Wacom electronic drawing tablets, which you can use to edit digital art or create freehand sketches and paintings as digital files.

For the broadest selection (as well as all the printer ink you will need!) start your search for printers and scanners on Amazon.


The Surface Design Association offers numerous resources and local groups for creating all types of patterned and embellished fabric and textile art.

Print-on-Demand Marketplaces for Quilt-Themed Art

For selling your quilt-themed art directly to buyers beyond your own website, explore these resources:   

  • Sell your designs on t-shirts, notecards, coffee mugs, and other gift items through online creative marketplaces such as Zazzle and CafePress.
  • For art prints and canvases, you can explore selling through the online marketplaces Artist Rising, ImageKind, and Society6. Or, use the search box on the right with this phrase: sites for selling art online.

Important Note: Be sure that you thoroughly compare the details, requirements, and terms and conditions of these sites before posting your artwork for sale.