Books, Software, Training Programs, Articles, and Information Kits

Patchwork and Quilting Business Compendium. An extensive e-book with a detailed chapter on teaching craft techniques.

How to Teach Art & Craft. This useful book provides a comprehensive and detailed guide to teaching any type of craft, including quilting. Written by an experienced craft instructor, the book covers all aspects of a teaching business and presents many useful questions to explore for your business planning. One note: The author lives in Australia, so some of the topics and vocabulary may be different in your country.

The Business of Teaching Sewing. Written by a well-known instructor of garment sewing, the positive reviews on Amazon indicate you may find useful information in this book if you are interested in teaching general sewing classes.

The events page of the Modern Quilt Guild website offers members free access to recorded webinars, including a September 2015 webinar with quilt teacher Heather Kojan and a July 2015 webinar about how guilds hire speakers and instructors. Even if modern quilting is not your style, this group is worth joining for access to their series of business and quilting skill webinars.

A useful column about online classes is written by the editorial director of Creativebug in the magazine Where Women Create Business, which features terrific role models and general advice on starting any type of creative business.

Nervous about speaking in front of a group? Gain confidence and improve your skills in one of these public speaking books.

Online Learning Platforms

You may not find information about submitting an instructor application on the  major online platforms Craftsy and Creativebug because these sites now largely contact potential instructors directly. While you are building your visibility, you can learn from these articles and podcasts:

  • While She Naps podcast: No on-site search box is available, so use Google to search with the phrase “Creativebug site:” or “craftsy site:” to find related content.
  • CraftSanity podcast: Episode #184 covers teaching on Creativebug.
  • Sew Mama Sew blog: Enter “Craftsy instructor” or “Creativebug instructor” in the site’s search box.
  • You may also want to do a general search with the phrases “teaching a course on Craftsy” or “teaching a course on Creativebug”

Also explore teaching opportunities on other learning websites, including Craft Online University and CreativeLive.

If you want to create your own online course and deliver it from a general learning platform or your own website, you may find these resources helpful:

  • Teachable and Ruzuku  are online platforms that provide tools for developing and delivering your own online courses. Zippy Courses offers WordPress plug-ins for developing online courses and WishList Member plug-ins manage registrations for training programs that are posted on your own blog or website developed with WordPress.
  • Run an online search page with the phrase “membership program plug-ins for a WordPress site”
  • If you post tutorials and other teaching videos on YouTube, read these YouTube advertising books about marketing your videos and earning commissions through the YouTube advertising program.

Promotional and Networking Sites

The Quilter’s Calendar website offers a free basic profile listing for quilt teachers who offer programs suitable for local quilt guilds and retreats.

If you teach or lecture about modern quilts, you can join the Modern Quilt Guild and apply for a paid listing in their teacher and lecturer directory. For art quilts, consider joining the Studio Art Quilt Associates group.

For teaching opportunities beyond your local area, check this comprehensive, worldwide directory of quilt guilds and quilt shows. For promoting your classes or lectures in the Midwestern states, check the Heartland Quilt Network.

A general online discussion group for quilt teachers is QuiltTeach on If you teach classes using patterns you have designed, apply to join the Quilt Pattern-Designers Collective group, also on Yahoo. After your membership is approved, you can search through the group archives for discussions on teaching and lecturing.

Presentation Tools

Whether you are teaching a workshop or presenting a lecture to a quilt guild, you will want to own each of these tools for making a professional presentation that everyone can see and hear:

Computer Projector: Display the slides, videos, or software from your laptop.

Portable Microphone System: Use a clip-on microphone so you can be heard easily as you move about the room.

Laser Pointer: Use light to point out areas on the screen during your presentation.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Access a full set of design and video software for creating complex graphics and multimedia presentations.